Ronnie Dunn is showing support for Blake Shelton after being bashed over his new single, “Minimum Wage.” 

Shelton was criticized for being “tone deaf” after debuting the new single on NBC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast. Featuring lyrics such as, “Girl your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage,” the tune earned backlash from some social media users who argued that Shelton shouldn’t be releasing the song given the current state of the U.S. 

However, the Brooks & Dunn star took to social media to defend Shelton, calling the controversy over the song “yet another of those misguided social issue (cultural scams) that are concocted to further divide this country” and urged fans to “call bullsh** on the forces at work to keep this country divided.”  Dunn went on to recall his humble beginnings and shared his disappointment over the fact that people are trying to “attack country singers for being successful,” and encouraging fans to read the full lyrics to Shelton’s song.

“Minimum Wage” has yet to be released to streaming services, and Shelton has not commented about the controversy.

Ronnie Dunn Sticks Up for Blake Shelton’s New Song ‘Minimum Wage’


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